Warehousing Labour Hire in Sydney

warehousing labour

You want to transform your warehouse into a well-oiled machine. You also want to streamline your processes to the point that your workplace operates efficiently. To accomplish this goal, you need to have dependable employees.

Your warehouse has a few such employees on staff already, but you need some additional help. And you don’t have time to go through a lengthy hiring process. You need a faster solution.

Luckily, DSC Personnel has what you need. For over 36 years, we have supplied transportation, manufacturing and warehousing companies across the area with quality labour hire. We assess each potential employee to ensure they meet your job specifications, and then we pass them on to you. So when you need warehousing labour hire in Sydney, let DSC take care of the details for you.

Depend on Our Process

To help you save both money and time, we do the following when we place labour hire:

  • Fill out paperwork
  • Find workers qualified to fill vacant positions
  • Pay statutory costs
  • Cover workers’ compensation

We understand your industry, which means we know what skills warehouse employees must possess. With our background and knowledge, we search for capable employees who increase warehouse efficiency.

And our workers always receive payment in full and on time. We know that people perform best when they don’t have to worry about when their compensation will come. Our process ensures moral and responsible warehousing labour hire for Sydney businesses and employees.

In our efforts to help you save money, we offer affordable rates and sensible services. We don’t require binding contracts or placement fees after three months of casual labour hire either. We only require a minimum four-hour daily hire.

Contact Us

Let us help you find the responsible workers you need. To learn more about warehousing labour hire in the Sydney area, call us on 02-9638-7666 today.

warehousing labour