News - 15 November 2019

Providing Solutions In Uncertain Times

Recruitment & Labour Hire agencies provide staff solutions to allow business to contract & expand in line with business & economic circumstances.

Usually the biggest overhead in any business is wages, salaries & associated on costs.

When businesses experience an economic slowdown due to external factors caused by either domestic or international markets it is important to react quickly to reduce operating costs & overheads so as not to affect the ongoing viability of the business.

Reduction in staff numbers is often the easiest way to impact the bottom line when sales revenue & demand decline as opposed to reducing other fixed overheads.

Many businesses are hesitant to take this approach due to wealth of knowledge which may be lost & worry about staff shortage when business starts to take an upturn.

In these situations, a business should do a thorough review of what staff they have what they really need & see if any changes in job functions or positions are required.  This type of review may be overlooked in the day to day operations when profits are good & budgets are being achieved.

DSC can provide you with the staff you really need & provide the numbers of staff on a daily basis when there is an upturn in demand.

The flexibility, skill set & numbers of staff which can be supplied allows a business to access their circumstances continually & not be worried that they will not be able to service their customers, allowing for business growth.

At DSC we provide a 12-week temp to permanent option for all staff categories including admin & office support as well as operational roles. This allows you to access the skill set, business & cultural fit without having to commit to any upfront placement fee. The temp arrangement can continue beyond the 12 weeks as you monitor business requirements.

DSC has casual daily hire of any number of staff in all categories both blue & white collar with a minimum 4 hours daily hire.  This flexibility provides solutions to your daily changing demand in these uncertain economic times.

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News - 4 July 2019

Annual Wage Review 2019

With the financial year coming to a close, we at DSC wish to highlight the Annual Wage Review for 2019 and how it applies for both employers & employees.

The Fair Work Commission has recently handed down its 10th Annual Wage Review. This year the national increase is 3% and applies to all Modern Award pay rates.

The minimum hourly rate for a full-time adult is now $19.49 ($740.80 per week) and casual employment is a minimum of $24.36. If you employ under any modern award and pay the award rate, you are required to pass on this increase to your employees. If you are already paying above the award and the pay rate is less than what you are currently paying, it is at your discretion if you pass on any increase.

The increased pay rates are effective from the first full pay period after the 1st of July 2019. If you run a Tuesday to Monday payroll the new pay rates will come into effect from the 2nd of July 2019. 

At DSC we are proud to say that not only do we genuinely care about all of our clients and employees, we also pay all our employees in accordance with the Award.

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News - 10 January 2019

Permanent Placements

At DSC we specialise in supplying the best employee's for the long term. Our 40 years' in recruitment & in-depth industry knowledge make us the go to for permanent placements across all industries.

News - 12 April 2018

Qualities Every Construction Labourer Should Possess

Construction work is a high risk job that requires skill, attentiveness and in-depth knowledge. Although it can be a physically demanding job, construction work comes with plenty of rewards, namely satisfaction in a job well done. Find out what skills add up to a high quality construction worker.