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Trades Assistants Recruitment Service

At DSC we allow our clients to employ skilled staff as and when needed and for just as long as necessary. Our organization is good to go with the goal that you may use DSC’s exceptionally skilled professionals only when and for as long your project is determined. We will help you build a short and long-term site foundation, so you’ll no longer need to worry during those sudden “fire drills.”

We focus on finding you trades assistants  in Australia with experience to guarantee excellent output for any task assigned. Our 40+ years of recruitment experience implies that we understand your necessities and help you find the right staff you are looking to hire.

Hiring a full-time employee is a long-term responsibility and often a large investment. Hiring workers through DSC on a temporary to permanent premise allows businesses to decide if they are making the right hiring choice.

Finding the right Trading assistant:

A Trades Assistant essentially helps and supports tradespeople, contractors and operators with general labouring assistance, by maintenance of worksites and equipment. Trades Assistants work inside the electrical, mining, and building, and construction industries.

Generally, their duties include supporting traders, temporary workers, and administrators with general labouring help by operating hand and power tools, cleaning and getting worksites ready, guaranteeing the worksite and equipment is perfect, protected, clean, and fit for use.

We channel through the potential possibility to guarantee that our candidates are completely qualified, experienced applicants in your industry, and have any confirmations your business requires. We do all the hard work for you to ensure that you experience a hassle-free hiring process.

Our Screening Process

Our detailed screening process means that we can ensure every client who works with us is satisfied with the Trade Assistant we provide. Our screening process requires every applicant to:

  • Have a minimum of one year experience
  • Have a valid license or certification
  • Pass an interview we conduct, which includes suitability assessments and verifying all qualifications
  • Provide a minimum of two references for us to check and confirm skills, work experience, and work ethic.

Once they pass this screening process, they are entered into our database. We only pull qualified candidates from this database when suggesting potential hires. You can trust our process to recommend the right Trades Assistant hires for your Sydney business. This means that you can cut the worry over finding and hiring the right candidates out of your busy schedule and focus on other aspects of your business.

Why DSC Personnel

DSC Personnel is an Australian privately owned and operated business that has been the leading provider of trades assistant and other hiring services for more than 40 years. During all of our years of experience, we have finely tuned our recruiting process to ensure you get the best Trades Assistant for the job. You can rest easy knowing we will focus on providing you with the best service possible.

We not only sift through possible candidates, but we also take care of administration and paperwork associated with hiring employees. We can take care of workers’ compensation, superannuation, supply seasonal workers, and supply emergency staff. We offer temp to permanent arrangements for all staff supplied.

We believe in creating a professional and reliable relationship with our clients, so we focus on providing excellent customer service. We guarantee you will deal with recruitment specialists who understand your business needs and will be available to assist you during the entire process.

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