Hire Assembly Line Workers

Hire Assembly Workers in Sydney

Manufacturers and production lines require assembly workers – people who understand how various inputs fit together to produce a product. DCS has more than four decades of experience in helping companies to hire skilled and experienced assembly workers. If you require reliable labour hire in Sydney to put things together in your manufacturing environment, you’re in the right place.

Hire Skilled Assembly Workers With Us

In a manufacturing and industrial operation environment, it is vital you have access to high quality workers to meet the changing production demands of your business. DSC is your go-to provider of assembly worker hire, as well as a range of other industraial and manufacturing roles in Sydney. Our vetting process ensures that you only get the best candidates for your manufacturing operation, allowing you to find the assembly workers you need fast. We make sure that they have all the skills and attributes required for the job so that you’ll get a good return when you hire. We also validate that they have the necessary industry experience and any relevant certifications and training requirements. 

Dsc Assembly Worker Screening Process

At DSC, we know how important it is to hire hard-working, reliable and skilled assembly workers for your operations. That’s why we employ a rigorous screening process that enables you to get the best people for the job. 

Here’s what our screening process involves: 

  • We conduct an in-person interview with every worker on our books in Sydney. We check that the candidate has the necessary skills and experience for the job. 
  • We carry out at least two reference checks to ensure that the candidate has the necessary experience and work ethic to perform roles on your assembly lines.
  • We only consider candidates for assembly line work who have more than one year of experience in a similar roles.

Why Choose Dsc?

At DSC, we understand that manufacturing and assembly facilities may need assembly workers at short notice, to accommodate spikes in demand or replace absent workers. That’s why we’ve built a robust pipeline of skilled and experienced workers you can slot directly into your production process, without the usual time delays you find at other recruiters. 

As always, we offer competitive rates and take care of all the background administration, including on-costs, superannuation, payroll tax, and workers’ compensation. We can supply people with special skills for maintenance work and offer flexible staffing levels, depending on your immediate needs. With us, your costs savings will be substantial by reducing overtime and accommodating peaks and troughs in demand. Call today and speak with one of our friendly team members to see how we can help with your recruitment needs.