Machine Operator Hire Sydney

Having fully-qualified machine operators working at your facility is vital for keeping it running smoothly. At DSC, we provide you with machine operators for a whole range of machinery including production & manufacturing machinery, heavy machinery and mobile plant.

For example, CNC Machinists, Production & Packing Line Machine Operators, Roll Form Operators, Cutting & Die-Cast Operators, Excavation Operators, Roller Operators, Backhoe Operators & many more!

Whatever your business requirements are, we can supply the right operators.

Find the Right Machine Operator for the Job

As a business, you need the best staff, but good staff is not always easy to find. Here at DSC, we make the task of finding the best machine operators in Sydney simple. With us, you can find the people you need, upgrade your hiring process, and say goodbye to all the annoying admin that usually comes with recruitment. We work alongside you as a partner, as we have the tools and resources to find candidates with the right machine operating skills.

We Screen All Machine Operators

Our screening process for all machine operators in Sydney is the main reason why our services are so popular. We ensure that all applicants have the necessary skills, training, experience and background to work effectively once deployed in your organisation.

Our screening process adheres to the following guidelines:

  • All machine operators must have a minimum of two references confirming their skills, work experience and abilities
  • Machine operators must complete our suitability assessment and qualification verification procedure
  • All applicants must have valid licenses for using equipment
  • Applicant must have at least one year of experience in their chosen role

Finding a machine operator with the necessary experience can be challenging. Many candidates will claim to have the skills that employers need, but only a select few are able to work effectively. Remember, being a machine operator is a challenging job, and doing it incorrectly could cause a lot of harm. For this reason, we make sure that we supply only skilled, certified and qualified candidates that meet all internal and external requirements.

Why Sydney Businesses Choose DSC

If you’re looking for machine operator hire in Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. DSC Personnel is a wholly privately owned labour hire and recruitment service operating in Australia. We have over 40+ years’ experience in providing our clients with a reliable pool of both casual and permanent staff over a range of industries. We specialise in finding the specific types of workers you need with the right skills, preventing you from having to organise training or lay off workers unfit for particular roles. If you’re looking for machine operators, come to us for the best.