Hire Storemen in Sydney

Get Storeman Recruitment Service in Sydney

In today’s high-paced, high demand warehouse environment, many companies need a reliable source of labour to remain competitive. 

Finding dependable labour in Sydney however, can be a challenge. It’s often difficult to get the quality staff that you need.

DSC Personnel are here to help. Our robust recruitment process means that you get only dependable, high-performing storemen and warehouse staff who pass our quality control tests. 

We ask for at least two reference checks to ensure skill and work ethic, and we conduct an in-person interview to assess all candidates. Our goal is to provide you with only candidates of the highest quality, every time.

Reliable, Experienced, Storemen Hire

Businesses all over Sydney need quality storemen and container unloaders to work in fast-paced environments and deliver on schedule. Storemen are essential and perform a wide variety of critical tasks. For instance, they plan and organize stock and inventory, control costs and spending, and take delivery of shipped goods. They’re also responsible for warehouse-level safety and working within clearly defined standards. It’s essential, therefore, that you employ people in these roles who understand how the industry operates and their functions within it.

At DSC Personnel, we apply strict quality control on all storemen that we forward to you, ensuring that they have the right qualifications, temperament, and experience to suit your business and operational needs. Our goal is to ensure that you get people who can fit into your operational process and play a valuable part in your organization from day one. 

Our Dedicated Screening Process

At DSC, we want to make sure that you only get storemen that meet your expectations. That’s why we employ a rigorous screening process for all of the individuals we supply.

Here is how we ensure that you only get employees of a high standard:

  • All storemen available for hire in Sydney must have at least one year of experience in the role
  • Every potential hire goes through a DSC interview to check suitability for the work
  • Each applicant must provide at least two references from past employers that we then go and check

Why Choose Dsc for Storeman Hire in Sydney?

Finding a storeman for hire in Sydney doesn’t have to be a complicated process: at DSC, we’re here to help.

We’re different from other labour and recruitment services. Not only do we offer competitive rates, but we also take care of all of the administration costs and paperwork associated with your new employees too. This feature of our service makes it easy for you to scale up or down, adjusting your labour needs as you see fit.

We have over 40 years’ experience recruiting and providing warehousing staff to companies across NSW and QLD with quality labour hire, including storemen. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get the people you need to make your operation a success.