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Find the Right Temp to Perm Staff With Us

The Temp-To-Perm placement allows companies to assess candidates suitability for their business culture & skill set without having to make an immediate permanent decision and incur a large placement fee. Any casual placement is able to be taken on as your employee at any time if all parties are in agreement at a fraction of the cost of an upfront placement.

A variety of situations within business may suit a Temp To Perm placement. This option provides a solution for uncertain and ever changing business environments.

Our Temp-To-Perm placement option is unique in that it allows for flexibility in the workforce, without making an initial commitment. With our pre-screened candidate database, we have individuals at the ready who are available for work and can meet all of your business requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss our simple Temp To Perm fee structure to reduce your cost of recruiting while enhancing your workforce.

At DSC, we are confident in our ability to make excellent client-candidate matches, we know we will find you the right Temp-To-Perm staff, and fast. We are a well known name in the market when employers are searching for Labour hire & recruitment agency.

Need Staff in a Hurry?

Looking For Work

Quality Screened Applicants For you Temp To Perm Roles

Our strict screening process assists in ensuring that the people we provide to our clients are responsible, capable and experienced.

Below are some key areas we assess:

• We only consider applications from people with the minimum of one year’s construction work experience and a valid white card.

• An in-person interview is conducted for suitable candidates where we assess the candidate’s skill set and verify all tickets/qualifications.

• At least two reference checks are undertaken to confirm experience for skill set & work ethic.

• Once the candidate verification process has been completed, those applicants meeting the required benchmark will be added to our database & be available for immediate placement.