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Our Recruitment & Staff Hiring Services

Are you an Employer looking for employees? Are you looking for Staff?

DSC Personnel’s aim is to provide Employers with simple & effective recruitment solutions in AustraliaWith over 40 years’ experience, We pride ourselves on finding high quality & reliable staff to meet your requirements, whether it’s for a casual, temp-to-perm or permanent placement.

We have a no-nonsense recruitment standard that ensures that we hire the best candidates with the necessary experience to fulfill the needs of our clients.

DSC also covers all statutory employee on-costs, including Workers’ Compensation, Payroll, Tax & Superannuation, minimising your overheads & taking away the staffing headache.

Permanent Placements

If you are looking to fill a full-time, part-time or ongoing position in your organisation, DSC Personnel offers permanent placement services.

As every business is different, the process starts with a discussion about your specific recruitment needs and the needs of your business. We then take the time to get to know the culture of your company and the type of person you are looking for, as well as the skills and qualifications you require.

On your behalf, we will evaluate resumes, check references, review applicants through a pre-screening process and conduct initial interviews. Once we’ve compiled a short list of the top candidates, we’ll arrange interviews with you and assist as necessary.

All of this saves you time and resources and ensures that the recruitment process is completed effectively and efficiently.

With our in-depth industry knowledge, you know your role will be filled with the best suitable candidate with absolute peace of mind on your end!

Need Staff in a Hurry?

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Temp-To-Perm Staff Hire

The Temp-To-Perm placement allows companies to assess candidates suitability for their business culture & skill set without having to make an immediate permanent decision and incur a large placement fee. Any casual placement is able to be taken on as your employee at any time if all parties are in agreement at a fraction of the cost of an upfront placement.

A variety of situations within business may suit a Temp-To-Perm placement. This option provides a solution for uncertain and ever changing business environments. 

Our Temp-To-Perm placement option is unique in that it allows for flexibility in the workforce, without making an initial commitment. With our pre-screened candidate database, we have individuals at the ready who are available for work and can meet all of your business requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss our simple Temp To Perm fee structure to reduce your cost of recruiting while enhancing your workforce.

At DSC, we are confident in our ability to make excellent client-candidate matches, we know we will find you the right Temp-To-Perm staff, and fast.