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Industrial & Manufacturing Staff for a Range of Industries

DSCare experts in recruiting Industrial & Manufacturing Staff for a variety of industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and automobile, to name just a few.

We can assist you in filling an extensive range of roles, including:

Need Staff in a Hurry?

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Quality Screened Applicants

Our strict screening process assists in ensuring that the people we provide to our clients are responsible, capable and experienced.

Below are some key areas we assess:

• We only consider applications from people with the minimum of one year’s construction work experience and a valid white card.

• An in-person interview is conducted for suitable candidates where we assess the candidate’s skill set and verify all tickets/qualifications.

• At least two reference checks are undertaken to confirm experience for skill set & work ethic.

• Once the candidate verification process has been completed, those applicants meeting the required benchmark will be added to our database & be available for immediate placement.

Other Industries We Serve