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We understand that experienced office support & Admin staff are crucial to running a highly productive business. At DSC we have been providing quality office support & Admin recruitment services to our clients for over 44 years in Australia.

As a labour hire & recruitment agency to all industries we are able to provide office support & admin staff hire with industry specific experience to minimise  the on the job learning timeframe.

Utilising our services for office support & admin recriutment is a flexible & cost effective way to evaluate potential candidates for full time positions or fixed term contracts.

DSC has a comprehensive database that covers a wide range of Administration recruitment . Our consultants are dedicated to finding the right staff to fill your Administration & Office Support staffing needs.

DSC offers a full Temp to Permanent Placement Service also. Please call DSC to discuss with one of our consultants the fee structure for Temp to Permanent or your temporary office support or admin staff needs.

Our services include but are not limited to finding suitable staff for your requirements in:

Specialist Admin Recruiter

As a specialist Admin Recruiters, we are dedicated to finding the best administrative professionals for your company.

How are our services designed for a hassle fee hiring process?

  • We manage the hiring process from start to finish
  • Ascertain your specific requirements to find the right staff for the job
  • Ensure that only quality candidates are shortlisted for the role
  • Choose applications that best suits your organisational culture
  • Cater to your requests 24×7 in case of urgent/emergency staffing requirements

What to expect from our admin recruitment solutions?

  • Work with one of the most reliable recruitment specialists in Sydney
  • Make the most of our 44+years of experience in the industry
  • Hire staff or staff for any location across NSW
  • Select from short term or temp to permanent placement options to suit your specific needs

Need Staff in a Hurry?

Looking For Work

Key Area Assess During Admin Recruitment Process

At DSC Personnel, we’re committed to finding the right candidate for your role. To ensure all personnel have the right skills, experience, and character, we operate a strict screening process. As part of this process, we confirm that:

  • All applicant have the relevant year(s) of  experience
  • All qualifications are checked and verified
  • Individual interviews are carried out
  • Suitability assessments & reference checks are completed for all candidates.

By comprehensively screening potential workers, we ensure that every candidate has the qualities you are looking for. Whether you need temporary workers, part-time staff or full-time personnel, our candidates have the talent and experience and work ethic you are looking for.

Other Industries We Serve