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Short-Term Placement Solution for Your Dynamic Needs

Are you in a need for a quick solution to fill in while your staff are on Holidays or have planned time off? We suggest that It’s best to have a backup plan!

At DSC we offer our clients the flexibility to hire staff to suit specific hiring needs. We understand that every business is different and hence we provide solutions that are designed to fit your current requirements. One such placement solution we offer is short term hire. It provides employers with significant flexibility and allows them rapidly adjust staffing levels to match dynamic business needs.

Furthermore, short-term hire gives you the ability as an employer to assess an individual’s suitability for a position, before offering a full-time or part-time role. Get in touch with our expert recruiters to enquire more and get a custom quote for your hiring needs.

Need Staff in a Hurry?

Looking For Work

Quality Screened Applicants

Our strict screening process assists in ensuring that the people we provide to our clients are responsible, capable and experienced.

Below are some key areas we assess:

• We only consider applications from people with the minimum of one year’s construction work experience and a valid white card.

• An in-person interview is conducted for suitable candidates where we assess the candidate’s skill set and verify all tickets/qualifications.

• At least two reference checks are undertaken to confirm experience for skill set & work ethic.

• Once the candidate verification process has been completed, those applicants meeting the required benchmark will be added to our database & be available for immediate placement.