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Hire Process Workers in Sydney

Business owners depend on quality employees to keep production efficient. At DSC, we have spent over 40 years helping companies in Sydney and the surrounding areas with their staffing needs, including process workers. 

We focus on finding you process workers with experience who will help ensure high-quality product output for any product. For example our candidates in food manufacturing have experience maintaining a sterile environment, safe food preparation & handling.

Our experience means that we understand your needs and can help you locate the high-quality employees you are searching to hire. 

Finding the Right Process Workers

We filter through possible candidates to ensure that our recommendations for hire are fully qualified, experienced candidates in your industry and have any certifications your business requires. We do all the grunt work when it comes to hiring, so you can streamline the hiring process on your end. You can trust that you are getting the perfect employee for the job. 

We understand how important your process workers are for production. You need someone who can physically handle the demanding job without compromising production. Cleanliness, attention to detail, reliability and efficiency are all characteristics we will screen for before passing on possible candidates to you. Our process workers have experience operating machines, equipment & production line, to process your product using your methods. 

Our Screening Process

Our detailed screening process at DSC Personnel means that we can ensure every client who works with us is satisfied with the process workers we provide. Our screening process requires every applicant to: 

  • Have a minimum of one year of experience
  • Have a valid license or certification
  • Pass an interview we conduct, which includes suitability assessments and verifying all qualifications
  • Provide a minimum of two references for us to check which confirms skills, work experience, and work ethic.

Once they pass this screening process, they are entered into our database. We only pull qualified candidates from this database when suggesting potential hires. You can trust our process to recommend the right process worker hires for your Sydney business. This means that you can cut the worry over finding and hiring the right candidates out of your busy schedule and focus on other aspects of your business. 

Why Sydney Businesses Choose DSC ?

We are the company that can help fill your civil labourer recruitment needs. DSC Personnel is a 100% Australian privately owned and operated business. We have been a leading provider of casual labour and recruitment services for over 40 years.

Over that time we have been constantly improving our service in order to provide customers with a high quality and reliable pool of casual and permanent staff in an extensive range of industries. Our recruitment team deals with all levels of staffing needs from general labourers, skilled personnel, and office staff

At DSC we have established a reliable database of qualified construction and civil staff to meet your project requirements. Our staff are fully licensed and come with complete PPE. If you’re looking for civil labourer hire in Sydney, get in touch today for a free consultation.