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Grounds Maintenance Staff Hire Sydney

DSC has been supplying experienced staff to the Landscape & Grounds Maintenance sector for over 40 years’ with our clients ranging from educational precincts, sporting clubs and venues (including golfing, sport/turf surfaces, cricket wickets, synthetic fields), service infrastructure, commercial property, residential estates and strata, aged care, retirement villages and cemeteries.

We assist you in creating a good impression on any current or future clients by providing experienced staff to ensure that you are able to provide the best service to your customer and keep building your great reputation.

If you are in need of Landscape & Grounds Maintenance staff hire, DSC can get you suitable candidates to meet your needs.

Hire Experienced Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Staff

We understand that it is not easy to find qualified, experienced or reliable staff to get the job done. At DSC Personnel, we ensure that the candidates we put forward are appropriately certified, fully qualified, driven, reliable, and high-performing. All our candidates are thoroughly vetted and have no trouble getting the job completed efficiently and professionally. We believe that our service will make your hiring process far more efficient, as you know you’re getting high-quality landscape and maintenance staff when you partner with us.

Our Screening Process

To find the best candidates for you, DSC Personnel run a very strict screening process. Our mission is to ensure that every client that we have on our books is highly satisfied with the landscape and maintenance staff that we provide. As part of our screening process, we have the following guidelines:

  • We only consider applications from people with a minimum of one year’s construction, landscaping or grounds maintenance work experience.
  • They must have a valid white card (for constructions sites)
  • We conduct in-person interviews where we assess the candidate’s skillset and verify all tickets/qualifications.
  • We perform a minimum of two reference checks, confirming skills, work experience and work ethic.

We only enter applicants into our database who meet the above criteria for placement. Our extensive checks mean that you don’t need to worry about whether you’re getting the right person for the job. We’ve got the whole process covered to make your life easier.

Why DSC Personnel ?

DSC Personnel is a 100% Australian privately owned and operated business that has been a leading provider of casual labour and recruitment services for over 40 years. We have spent years honing our craft, ensuring you get the best landscape staff hire in Sydney. We recruit across all staffing levels so, whether you’re looking for someone to maintain your garden or grounds on an on-going basis, or simply need a casual staff for a few days of landscaping work, come to us and we can ensure that you get the best.

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