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Container Unloaders Hire in Sydney

In a warehouse environment, there’s no doubt you’ll require dependable, fit employees to keep the place running efficiently and effectively. For more than four decades DSC has been providing Sydney businesses with quality container unloaders. If you need someone who can unload containers, safely, efficiently and professionally, let us help you. We are your local Labour Hire Company in Sydney

The Right Container Unloaders for You

We take steps to ensure that all our container unloaders have the required skills and abilities to perform the job at a high level. In addition to this we seek to provide staff who are organized and show good attention to detail, and have a good record of being reliable and on time.

Our in-depth knowledge of the role means we’re well-placed to offer effective container unloader hire in Sydney. No matter the size or scope of your warehouse facilities, our books are filled with experienced personnel who are actively seeking new challenges.

Our Screening Process

At DSC Personnel, we’re committed to finding the right candidate for your role. To ensure all personnel have the right skills, experience, and character, we operate a strict screening process. As part of this process, we confirm that:

  • Every applicant has at least one year of relevant experience
  • All qualifications are checked and verified
  • Individual interviews are carried out
  • Suitability assessments are completed for every candidate are undertaken

By comprehensively screening potential workers, we ensure that every candidate has the qualities you’re looking for. Whether you need temporary workers, part-time staff or full-time personnel, our candidates have the talent and experience and work ethic you’re looking for.


At DSC, we’re not concerned with finding anyone for the job; we’re focused on finding the best candidate for the role. What’s more, we take the time to learn more about your company, your industry, and your working environment. This enables us to match suitable candidates with your vacancies and identify which workers will be your greatest assets. 

As a leading provider of casual labour and recruitment services for over 40 years, we know how important it is to have the right staff on hand to support your business. When demand is high, you may require an influx of workers at short notice, so it’s critical that you have access to a pool of reputable and reliable workers who have already undergone a strict screening process.

Our carefully honed worker acquisition processes mean we have the resources to secure the best workers for your business. From container unloaders and warehouse operatives to forklift drivers and line haul drivers, we’ll help you create a team that increases your productivity and profitability.