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Warehouse Labour Hire

A warehouse labourer is a person who works in a warehouse or distribution centre, normally under the supervision of a warehouse manager or supervisor, and performs warehousing, storage, and material handling tasks.

Picking and packaging goods for despatch, handling inbound and outbound shipments (e.g., sorting, loading, and unloading), and other duties are all part of a warehouse labourer’s job.

DSC Personnel can provide Warehouse staff for both permanent and temporary placements. At DSC Personnel we have an extensive database of experienced Warehouse labourers.

Benefits of Using Dsc Personnel for Warehouse Worker Hire

Our team of expert recruiters can assist you with all hiring needs.


  1. Quality Screened Applicants: We ensure that all of our Warehouse labour are experienced, qualified, and responsible.

    We gain two reference checks and assess the work ethic and skills of all our Warehouse staff. DSC Personnel labourers attend an in-person interview, during which we verify candidate qualifications, and check their experience.
  1. Ongoing performance checks: We maintain regular contact with our labourers, and discuss feedback with clients. With the help of ongoing performance checks, DSC Personnel can guarantee the highest quality projects.

  2. The right worker for the job: DSC acknowledges that the demand for Warehouse labourers is incredibly high. To keep everyone satisfied, DSC learns all about your business and its specific requirements, so that we can hire the right labourer for the job.

Warehouse Labour for a range of businesses: If you’re looking to hire in Sydney, DSC can provide Warehouse labourers that are best suited for the job and your business environment.  

Warehouse labourers with a great attitude:
At DSC we ensure that our labourers have the qualifications and tools they need to get the job done. However, we know that these aren’t the only important things. When we vet our candidates, we recruit people with a great attitude, plenty of enthusiasm, and passion for their craft.

There are plenty of other benefits to working with DSC Personnel, include:

  • We can supply warehouse labourers in Sydney and greater NSW throughout every season.
  • We have a range of Warehouse labourers available for one-off jobs.
  • DSC can supply specialised and skilled Warehouse labourers that match all the specific requirements stated by you
  • You’ll save your company money, due to reduced overtime.
  • We can offer flexible staffing levels instantly.

Why Choose DSC When looking for Labour Hire?

We understand that your company needs access to a reliable and flexible workforce. DSC can provide the best labour hire in Sydney at short notice. DSC services can support your company to undertake multiple projects.


DSC Personnel will streamline the hiring process, covering all statutory employment costs including superannuation, Payroll Tax, and admin expenses. We will carry out the recruitment and hiring processes, saving your business time and money. Additionally, we have a full WH&S Management System, Public Liability Insurance, and Insurance Coverage.


Contact Us Today for Warehouse Labour Hire Sydney, Penrith, Campbelltown, Central Coast, Newcastle & Illawarra Region

We are a highly experienced recruitment agency, with friendly consultants who are dedicatedly willing to assist you at every stage of the hiring process. To learn more about hiring Warehouse labourers in Sydney, call DSC Personnel today.