Top Recruitment Strategies for Warehouse & Manufacturing Companies in 2022 

With the COVID-19 pandemic came many challenges, one of them being the recruitment of top talents in warehouse and manufacturing companies to meet the growing demands for goods and services. Specific skill sets are required by many companies when they are attempting to hire for a position, creating a narrower candidate-job pool,

Every passing day the warehouse and manufacturing needs are increasing, and we can see a huge fall in the number of skilled workers. It has become a challenge to find well-qualified candidates and hire them before your competitors in the industry hire them.

As fresh warehouse and manufacturing job opportunities are being presented, it becomes mandatory that the ageing workforce is replaced. Luckily, we have devised various strategies that can be implemented into your recruitment process using recruitment agencies to attract skilled and qualified workers for your company.

Some Recruitment Strategies that we use to help our clients with recruitment needs are mentioned below.

Mostly, the human resource department or managers are responsible for finding top talent that will help the warehouse and manufacturing companies function & grow. To ensure that companies are hiring the best candidates, companies can take some additional steps by engaging a labour hire or recruitment agency, amid a competitive job market or when the unemployment rates are low and there are not a plethora of candidates waiting to grab the job opportunity.

Set up a Candidate Persona

It is extremely important while hiring employees that you define what your ideal candidate looks like. We will implement this strategy for you, and it will ensure that the best skilled and qualified candidates are the ones that will respond to your job profile opening. 

What is a candidate persona? A candidate persona is a falsely fabricated profile, created using research, data, and different facts related to a specific role in the recruitment process for a particular job posting. 

We use this candidate persona to accumulate the job description by noting the skills, 

qualifications, characteristics, educational background, interests and other details that you are looking for in a candidate. 

The recruiting strategy will find the right people you want as your future employee 

We Define All Job Descriptions

Once you have decided what positions you need to hire for in your warehouse or manufacturing company, it is time for us to take it forward from here, with you providing detailed job descriptions. The descriptions will set up a minimum set of requirements that you are looking for personally in your company. This can look very simple, but it can’t be taken for granted. The description needs to cover many things to enhance the success of the candidate selected. A proper job description includes the following as a minimum 

  • The precise skill set you need for in each position 
  • Type of job-permanent or temporar
  • Knowledge, experience, particularly in backgrounds you’re looking for
  • Educational and professional qualifications.

Other things to be included would be the physicality of the job, work space environment, product, interaction with other staff etc 

Making a Recruiting Dashboard

In today’s world where everything is dependent on the internet, the majority of the workers search for job listings online. A recruiting dashboard is a simple yet extremely effective tool that we use to engage candidates for many similar 

roles. The volume of applicants allows us to source the best candidates for your business 

Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs are a source for finding quality candidates to hire. Referrals are an effective recruitment strategy. Candidates referred by existing employees provide multiple benefits to a recruiter. 

The employees that refer a candidate not only know what types of candidates we are looking to hire for our clients, but they also know the type of employee they want to work with. 

Due to our large employee database, we have direct access to employee referrals to meet our client ongoing needs. Employee referrals are known to produce a lower turnover rate, creating a better matching of skill set required, resulting in faster hiring time. 

Competitive Wages

Offering a competitive hourly rate to workers and other benefits to beat competitors in the warehouse and manufacturing industry will help attract a better quality candidate when the demand for labour is at a premium & supply is limited. Candidates are attracted to companies that offer attractive wages and provide a space where they can develop and grow in their skills. 


A Positive Work Environment

For the employees to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment, companies need to offer good communication, be respectful and show a positive company culture. A positive work environment enhances onsite working conditions where the safety and well-being of the employees are a top priority of the company, resulting in better productivity 

It is also important that the company keeps in mind the needs of their employees and offers training programs to enhance their skill set, resulting in internal promotion. A flexible and enjoyable work environment is extremely important for the well-being of the employees & should lead to better productivity & thus profitability. 


The past two years have seen a major upheaval in business operations, work models, and the labour market. With many workplaces settling into a new normal’, 

it’s time to put your focus on and improve your recruitment strategy. Review your process in light of the points discussed, With recruiting being very time-consuming, especially in the current market you many come to the conclusion that using a labour hire/recruitment company is the best strategy to met your immediate workforce demands.